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Pragya Niketan is a Special Hostel for blind and physically disabled students. It is real example of providing Higher Education to the challenge students, who due to the lack of such facilities avoid Education. All 95 students of the Hostel are regular students of Jai Narain Vyas University,Jodhpur (Studying in all normal courses run by the University) such as B.A.; M.A.; LL.B., Ph.D., B.Ed etc. Hostel was started on 20th September,1999 by Dr. Kusumlata Bhandari, Founder President and Warden, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. She herself is Polio Victim and so she could very well understand all things that were missing in their lives and how could they fight against the fate and become useful part of Society.
  Hostel was started with 8 students and now there are 95 students. The Hostel is providing free Boarding, Lodging and all the other neccessary facilities that were needed for their overall growth and development.Special facilities like talking Library, Audio Cassettes, Tape Recorders, Braille Watches, Tricycles, Computer with Talking Software, Musical Instruments, Sports Articles, Readers & Writers and many other assistance are provided to considering their disabilities and complete their studies
  There is 100% placement in Public and Private Sector institutions to the students who are the part of the Hostel.So far 70 Blind Students have become Primary Govt School Teachers in of Rajasthan, where they teach all normal and phycially challanged students.
Dr. Kusum believes in total rehabilitation and upliftment of these specially challanged persons, and is a companian to them till they get settled in their lives, and continues to be a physichological support to them.
Pragya Niketan NGO is working very hard as there are many more blind and physically disabled students that need this kind of help already provided to the paased out ones and is being geven to exiting hostelers. If more hands come together and join us we can help more unfortunate ones in Rajasthan as well in India as whole.

The educationist Dr. Kusum Lata Bhandari had long felt that the physically challenged children needed schools, colleges and Universities where special attention could be given to them and all the needed attention was asured to them considering their special requirnments. & to enable them to gain knowledge, develop confidence, social respect and a vibraint personality to courageouslly pursue their goals. Dr. Kusum felt that such facilities for this segment of students were not available anywhere else in the country & hence she descided to put the idea behind the institution into action.She gathered courage and enlisted the support of socity to make the Haveli of Shri Dashrath Mal Singhvi at Hathi Ram Ka Oda, Jodhpur available for housing the Institution and the hostel.